A Celebratory Tribute to

Pastor Michael Olawore


I first came to know Michael around 20 years ago. Such an amazing humble man of God I was proud to have known him.

We laughed and marvelled together at how New Wine was full to capacity upon the visit of Reinhard Bonnke. Every square inch of the carpet full of people hungry for the Lord.

We remained friends ever since. He and the Church together were so passionate about CfaN and the Harvest.

My thoughts and that of our whole CfaN family is with Michael’s family and you, the Church.

Whatever happens in the future of New Wine in terms of Leadership, we know that it has already been carried on the shoulder of two generals of the Lord.

Pastor Michael Olawore, we salute you… You have run the race and now are face to face with Jesus.

May the Lord continue to give you all the peace and grace you need in the days ahead.

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