A Celebratory Tribute to

Pastor Michael Olawore


Pastor Michael, a gallant soldier for Christ, he loved God deeply, served Him with passion, dedicated his life for the cause of Christ and gave his all to the Lord.

A man of integrity and great character. A respectable, respectful, diligent, faithful, loyal, committed, generous, selfless, sacrificial, demon-chasing, thunderous prayer warrior. And of course, I must not forget – A smart, sharp dresser!

An excellent administrator and a fierce negotiator, he never paid full price for anything, not even at the supermarket. I have seen him in action many times and was grateful that we were on the same side as he never left anything on the table! Even when it was fair to leave something, he would always say “Ah Ah you are bigger than that!”

Dedicated to the core – the first to arrive and the last to leave. He epitomised the phrase – we are here to serve you. A truly unforgettable servant. If you committed anything to his hand, you could go to sleep knowing that it would be done to an excellent standard. Pastor Michael, available to help, morning, afternoon and night. Any time, any day and anywhere – no distance was too great, no time of day was too late, a reliable friend indeed.

You took the reins of leadership at the most difficult time in our history. It took courage, tenacity, steadfastness and a great deal of sensitivity to lead. Despite the pressure, you steadied the ship and navigated us through the storm excellently. As they say in the part of the world where we come from ‘You do well!’ Tu as bien fait!

In my darkest moment, you were a source of comfort and strength, a shoulder to lean on, a shield and a rock. And over the past 5 years, you have been a confidant, an encourager, and an incredible supporter. Thank you for looking out and looking after me. I am eternally grateful.

To Lady Ayo, Emmanuel, Joshua and Zoe and our New Wine Family: The Lord will comfort us and we will fulfil destiny. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Au Revoir, bonne nuit, jusqu’ à ce que nous nous rencontrions.

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